This page is a guide for those who are less experienced in Wikia formality and literature in general.

Rules of Wikia Literature

  • The name of the page's subject in the introducing paragraph will always be bold.
  • British English is used, not American English.
    • Examples: "Colour" instead of "Color", "Centre" instead of "Center", "Dialogue" instead of "Dialog".
  • Profanity is never used in Wiki literature, except for occasions when the word is in quotation marks.

Rules of Literature

  • After a colon, you always start with a capital. This is because colons are comprised of a full-stop. Eg: "Here are the following equations: Nitros + C4 = explosive etc".
  • After a semi-colon, you always start with a lower-case letter. This is because they are comprised of commas. Eg: "Here's what I'll do if you don't have good grammar; kill you."
  • If brackets follow a sentence, they will always be before the full stop. Eg: "She killed him (since she didn't like him)".
  • There is always a space between a comma and the next phase or a full stop and the next sentence. Eg: "Since you ate my pie, you get punished" and "Oh my. He appears quite psychopathic".
  • When deciding whether to put punctuation within quotation marks (""), check here.

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