Korean Name 에반켈
Status Active
Affiliations High Rankers


Ranking 60[1]
Height 7m[citation needed]

Evankhell (에반켈) is a High-Ranker and the current Ruler of the Second Floor.


Not much has been revealed concerning Evankhell, except that he killed the former Ruler who belonged to a Great Family and took ownership of the Second Floor. As he doesn't belong to a Great Family, he is not part of the Ruling Class and it is unknown why he has agreed to the complex testing system on the Second Floor.

Appearance and Personality

All that is known about him is that he is very tall and high in the rankings; he holds the 60th place in the rankings[1], which is very influential, enough to scare Evan Edrok. He is supposedly very strict, as Yu Han Sung was worried by the thought of Evankhell finding out about all of the trouble on the Second Floor. According to Hachuling,[2] he is said to have extremely high Shinsoo Resistance. According to Yu Han Sung, he has always seen Lero-Ro together with Evankhell.[3]

Tower of God: Part 1

During the events of the Floor of the test Evankhell had to depart from his Floor because of work,[4] leaving all duties regarding testing Regulars to his appointed Test Director, Yu Han Sung.

Alternate Translations

  • Ehbahnkel
  • Evankel


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