Espada Grande
Maschenny Style Lightning Spear - Espada Grande
Hangul 거대한 검
Hanja 巨大한 劍
Romaja Geodaehan Geom
English Big Sword
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Jeonsul
Classification Projectile Technique
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 62
Known Users Koon Ran

Espada Grande is a technique which takes the form of a giant sword made of electrical Shinsoo. The gigantic sword of electricity is thrown at the opponent and its capabilities are probably very similar to that of another Lightning Spear technique, Espada de la Luz. Its appearance is also very similar to the Espada de la Luz.

While it is much larger in size to the Espada de la Luz, it is unknown where it ranks comparatively in terms of power although it can be assumed that it is more powerful due to its increased size.

Alternate Translations

  • Gigantic Sword
  • Giant Sword
  • The Grand Sword (LINE)