Tower of God - ch 71

Kurudan using Dansul

Dansulsa (단술사, Dahnsoolsa) is a Special Position and basically, the name refers to the user of a technique called "Dansul", a powerful Wave Controller technique.


First, the user applies first a great Shinsoo pressure on the target so they can't move and then, with any sort of weapon, even greater pressure is applied to crush the enemy. It is implied that the force can be teleported, as a user was seen bringing a hammer down on a Lighthouse to smash an opponent far away.[1]

Known Dansulsa


Notes and Trivia

  • The hanja that compose this word still remains mysterious. While it is most likely that "~sulsa" means "technique user" or "technician" (~術士), the "dan" part is completely unknown and even has Korean readers debating about which of the 119 "dan" hanja it is.
  • LINE Webtoon translates this as "The Cutter".[2]


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