Daniel Hatchid

Daniel Hatchid

Korean Name 다니엘 해치드
Status Active
Position Scout[1]
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 112
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 197

Daniel Hatchid (다니엘 해치드, Daniel Haechideu) is a D-rank[2] Scout who is affiliated with and is highly valued by FUG.[3] Daniel came on the Hell Express with the initial aim of reviving Roen by helping Hoaqin become 'complete' again. After betraying Hoaqin, joining Viole's side and meeting Hoaqin's final clone, Daniel tearfully comes to terms with and acknowledges Roen's fate.


Daniel challenged the Hell Express twice before the current time. On his first attempt, Aka Williams,[4] Boro,[5] Sachi Faker[4] and Roen were his teammates[4] and, during their time on the Train, an unknown Slayer candidate gradually killed everyone onboard the Hell Express until, in the end, they were the only ones left.[6] However after Roen ended up dying, he and the others forfeited the train.[6] Daniel then got on the Hell Express a second time, over two centuries ago, in an attempt to resurrect Roen and apparently died there.[5][4] The place he went to afterwards seemed like hell to him too, but he found a way to restore Roen to life there.[4] It was at this place that he met Hoaqin; at some point afterwards, Daniel allowed Hoaqin to inscribe a token on to him, making Daniel one of Hoaqin's kind, a being who seeks souls.[7]

Appearance and Personality

Daniel is a guy of average height, fair skin, spiked brown hair and alluring blue eyes. He is also lightly freckled and has sharp canines. From the parts of his body that have been seen from underneath his clothing, band-like tattoos can be seen around his arms and on his neck. Underneath his brown cloak he is seen to be wearing at least blue trousers or jeans.

Somewhat sadistic, Daniel likes to kill an even number of people and even set up every corpse in a neat line afterwards. Being a member of FUG, he doesn't care if he kills someone but seems to admire the strength of Regulars such as Koon Ran.[8] He tends to call Regulars that are new to the Hell Express, "newbies". He is also a self-proclaimed "being of a lie" and apparently he cannot live on if he doesn't tell a lie.[3] To this end he has a trollish nature that causes him to tell lies from time to time.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


As Apple confirmed that it would be better to get on the train, Daniel bluntly tells them it was obvious as it wouldn't work unless it was "that place". He then said they were all destined to get on the train and finished by warning the "little kids" that the journey to the train was more dangerous than they thought but he didn't think there was anyone there who would have a hard time getting a Ticket by oneself.

Revolution Road

On a private train to Train City, Daniel finished cutting the throats of the Regulars on board he complained about never getting an even number. He then got a call on his Pocket asking where he was and what he was doing but he said not to worry as he always got things done for sure. Daniel then told the person calling him to tell Rachel he would meet them as soon as he had taken care of one thing first before ending the call. As the train neared Train City, he mused that the tournament would be fun.

Fast daniel

Daniel showing off his incredible speed

Later, he interrupted Koon Ran's fight with Mirotic by blocking the gatekeeper's attack. He then introduced himself to Ran and mentioned that there were interesting newbies this time round before then explaining about Mirotic as well as his function to protect the gate until it was time for the Hell Express to depart. He then asked if Ran would be participating in the tournament and after Ran confirmed he would be, Daniel said it was interesting as he too would be participating in the tournament. Ran then told him that he didn't care whether Daniel was participating or not and the latter replied that he should because if he competed, none of them would stand a chance at getting any Tickets. An annoyed Ran then got ready to fight but Daniel appeared next to him before he even realised and told him to wait as he would feast upon them all soon. He then left, telling Ran's team that he would see them at the tournament. When the tournament had started, Daniel travelled with Rachel's group to the Entrance floor where he told them he would take them to the place where the Hell Express was located. Angel then called him out for not telling them that the tournament was fake and he replied that he was a liar and couldn't live on if he didn't tell lies. He then confirmed that he would take them to the Hell Express before preparing an attack that he blasted at Mirotic. As the smoke from the attack cleared, revealing an unharmed Mirotic, Daniel told them not to let their guard down as the gatekeeper launched a spear-like energy attack in their direction. He blocked the initial attack with three Lighthouses but was then hit from the side by three more blasts, however he still came out unscathed. Angel then asked him how he was going to beat the gatekeeper and Daniel explained Mirotic's function to protect the train and also his illusory nature.
Full power

Readying to fire a shinsoo blast

Cassano then asked how one could kill an illusion and Daniel curtly replied that he thought that Cassano's left arm was capable of killing an illusion, leaving Cassano silenced. However Daniel said he would take on Mirotic himself before charging up to massive spheres of shinsoo. As Mirotic prepares his second spear, Daniel mentally spoke that this time he would never run away from "Roen" again, before exclaiming that he had returned to the train and launching his attack which clashed mightily with Mirotic's own. His eyes then widen as Mirotic's attack broke through his own, sending up a huge cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared the other members of Rachel's group noticed that Mirotic had disappeared before seeing Daniel standing there with a remote in his hand. Angel frustratedly asked him what happened and he casually told her that he turned the gatekeeper off using the remote he got from the new Hell Express captain. He then added that although he could turn of the gatekeeper of the gate it wouldn't work on the train, so they had to be careful. Angel then questioned him as to why they went through all that and he replied that he lied and it was all acting. He then told them all it was time to go as he opened the gate to the real platform of the Hell Express. There they all encountered a red mechanical bird that told them it would lead them up the spiral stairs to the Hell Express and, once at the top, they witnessed the immense size of the train. Seeing a gate open on the train, Daniel mentioned that if they entered through that door, things could get complicated. Just then Poro Poe arrived and welcomed Daniel, after mentioning he was worried that Daniel might have got hurt fighting the gatekeeper. Daniel said his hello and told him he gave up during the fight. Poro then asked where Ha Yura was and Daniel said she would be arriving in a moment before Poro added that they would leave once she had arrived. Suddenly, Rachel head a loud noise coming from down below and Daniel theorised that someone might be coming to try and stop them before saying that he would go down to check it out.

Daniel vs Baam

When Daniel got to the bottom of the staircase he encountered Baam, Hwa Ryun and Ha Yura. He introduced himself to them all and told them he was Yura's collaborator as well as Rachel's comrade. The latter statement sparked Baam's immediate interest and he exclaimed that he needed to see her causing Daniel to recognise that he was "Jyu Viole Grace". Daniel then challenged Baam to a match: if Baam won then Daniel would give him his controller that would turn off the gatekeeper. Baam agreed and, after Yura raced off with Hwa Ryun chasing her, the two started fighting. Daniel was initially on top, but the tables turned ever so slightly when Baam attacked with a multitude of mixed and merged martial arts strikes. After being asked why he wanted to get on the train, Daniel gave a simple reply before reasserting his dominance after revealing his special ability. He then told Baam of the events that would come to pass before saying that it was the end for him. In retaliation, Baam activated the Thorn, intimidating Daniel with its sheer power.

However before Baam could attack, Boro appeared and was shocked by Daniel's presence. Daniel minced words with Boro and then turned to leave after receiving a message about the train being ready to depart with Baam and Boro chasing after him. Daniel reached Angel and told her they were being chased by the Slayer candidate. Daniel then watched as Baam took out one of her metalfish with his ability. As if things couldn't get worse, Aka appeared with a group of Regulars and audibly questioned how Daniel could still be alive since he died on the train. Daniel confirmed the rumour and told them he had found a way to resurrect Roen by bringing back "that guy", which visibly alarmed both Boro and Aka. He then finished by chastising the two (and Sachi) for fleeing when Roen died before destroying the stairs with a powerful attack, preventing them from following.

He and Angel eventually reached the platform with Baam coming up behind them. As Baam saw Rachel again, Daniel noticed and wondered what the relationship between them was as well as noting that Ha Yura was heading into the train. Poe then asked him what the hell was going on but Daniel told him to shush before telling him to get the navigator ready so they could escape once Yura opened up the door to the train. Poe was uncertain at first but eventually went with the idea while Daniel started to move away with Rachel so they could escape. However Baam raced over and struck Daniel from behind with a devastating shinsoo-augmented punch, flooring him instantly. With his legs disabled from the attack and Koon trying to trap Rachel, Daniel used his special ability to heal his legs before nullifying Koon's Lighthouse prison. With Poe bringing the navigator over, Daniel and Rachel got on and started to fly towards the open door of the train where they eventually got inside the Hell Express after Rachel pushed Baam away.

Once inside the Hell Express, Yura asked about the 'sparkling road' and Daniel explained that it was "Revolution Road" and explained its history.


Daniel defeating the last of the train guardians alongside the Mad Dog. The latter noted that his legs had healed and Daniel confirmed so adding that he could recover as long as he had enough souls. He then said that it will be daytime very soon in the train and exclaimed for Hoaqin to wait for them.

He later got stuck when faced with a maths puzzle preventing them from moving forwards. Using Hwa Ryun's knowledge they passed the puzzle and moved into the room where the first part of Hoaqin was sealed. However they were attacked by Bloomer guardian but managed to beat him using Hwa Ryun's help once again. With the guardian down, Daniel freed Hoaqin and the group introduced themselves to him. After that, they left and ran into Ja Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa but after a brief altercation that left Wangnan with a serious injury, they were captured on Daniel's direction. The group later completed the 36th Floor stage test of the Hell Express.

Wooden Horse

In the lounge of the Hell Express, Hoaqin complained to Daniel about his hunger as well as discussing their mutual surprise about what happened in their pasts. When the train announced it would be arriving at the 37th Floor station, Hoaqin said he'd now be able to eat but Daniel told him to be patient. Hoaqin ignored Daniel's plea, saying there was lots of souls waiting for him.

When the train finally arrived Hoaqin tried to exit the train but Daniel stopped him telling him he was bound to the train by his contract with the Guardian. Rachel then appeared with Ha Yura and told them that it wasn't a problem as they had attracted many Regulars with Emile. At that the four came out of the train and Hoaqin announced the event for Regulars to get on the train: behead four other Regulars. Some of the Regulars complained until Hoaqin showed them his incredible power with a devastating attack. Two confident Regulars from FUG then said they'd take his challenge and also his head, getting Hoaqin interested. Hoaqin then changed the rules and told everyone to behead the two FUG Regulars instead, however the two easily subdued everyone and said they'd come for him next. Hoaqin laughed and exclaimed that everyone should remember his great power as he attacked with an incredibly destructive shinsoo blast that annihilated a large number of the Regulars down below, including the two FUG Regulars.

Because no-one decided to climb the stairs to the train, Hoaqin decided to go back inside until he saw Boro racing towards the train. While Hoaqin raged madly, Daniel noted their appearance. After lightning rained down unexpectedly and three people landed on the opposite set of stairs, Hoaqin went to attack but his sword was blocked by Jyu Viole Grace. As the two began their fight, Daniel blasted away Rak and hopped over to the other set of stairs before telling them all he wouldn't let them on to the train. Daniel then told them that they would take control of the train until Hoaqin was whole and Roen was alive and then fired a large blast at his enemies. However, before the fight could continue any further, they were all teleported into the Train conductor's office. The conductor told them about a game to decide who would become the true Slayer candidate would occur in a month's time on the 39th Floor section of the train.

A Month

Hoaqin raged about Karaka breaking his promise and agitatedly asked Daniel if there was any reaction from the seal, but Daniel lied and told him there wasn't one. Rachel then said that Emile indicated Hoaqin's other part was nearby, adding to Daniel that Emile had finished scanning his seal. Hoaqin gratefully thanked her for her work. However, when they reached the other part's room, he was not there much to Hoaqin's confusion.

Hoaqin then felt the presence of his copy and rushed towards it until he came across his other part known as "Vicente". Happily reuniting with Vicente, Hoaqin eagerly said they should become one again and also explained the current situation to him. However, Vicente disagreed with Hoaqin's plan, confusing Daniel. Hoaqin frustratedly attacked Vicente and told the others to attack with him. However, Ja Wangnan suddenly stabbed Vicente, making him disappear, and then fled making Hoaqin fly into another rage. Hoaqin angrily chased after Wangnan but lost him when the pathways changed. Fortunately for Hoaqin, he then met up with another sibling, Anna.

As Hoaqin's group were traversing the train paths, Daniel slipped away and found Vicente's group, informing them that Hoaqin had found Anna. Daniel then made a deal with Vicente. Later, he and the others arrived at the 4th stage well before everyone else.

The Dallar Show

Daniel observed the first round of the Dallar Show after it was explained, and watched as Koon trounced Rachel to attain victory. In the second round, he was partnered with Hoaqin and Anna with the aim of getting Vicente first. He followed Hoaqin until they encountered Aka, Boro and Sachi nearby huge rotary fans. Daniel said he would take care of everything and attacked the three with a large blast. However Hoaqin told him to step back and let Anna handle them, which she complied with doing. Just then Vicente and Wangnan appeared behind them and the former began fighting with Hoaqin. The two were evenly matched until 'Wangnan' stabbed Hoaqin in the back, having been possessed by David, with Daniel snidely commenting on the situation, causing Hoaqin to realise his treachery. However, Hoaqin dropped a bombshell and absorbed his nearby siblings, shocking Daniel. Casually putting Daniel down, Hoaqin impaled him through the chest but was stopped by the arrival of Sachi, Boro and Aka. Daniel bitterly commented on their presence but gave his aid when Jyu Viole Grace arrived and tried to stop Hoaqin. However, it proved to be futile and the round ended with Aka severely injured.

In the third and final round of the Dallar Show, Daniel was put beside Aka as the duel between Hoaqin and Viole played out. Viole eventually defeated Hoaqin and the clone that helped Viole congratulated him for winning. Daniel picked up on what the clone had mentioned and asked if Roen Yuia was inside. However the clone replied that individual personalities no longer existed inside themselves. Daniel said it was okay but tearfully asked if the clone would tell Roen's spirit that he loved her too. With the Dallar Show over, boiling acid started to pour into the arena, but they all managed to escape thanks to the timely arrival of Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok.

Yuri Jahad

With the others making plans to head to the 43rd Floor, Daniel, Aka and Aka's subordinates revealed that they would be getting off at the next station due to their injuries.

Powers and Abilities

Daniel is a strong D-rank Scout; even in his past, he was shown to be one of the relatively stronger D-rank Regulars.[9] He seems to possess a high level of strength and power as he was able to effortlessly kill 99 people with his bare hands, similar to Koon Ran and Beta.[10] He also displayed incredible speed when he suddenly appeared next to Ran before the latter could even realise he had moved.[11] Daniel has been shown to be able to manipulate three white Lighthouses and was able to use them to block one of Mirotic's spear-like attacks;[3] however, whether the Lighthouses are actually his remains to be seen. When he wields Shinsoo, it tends to be a black colour with a purple tint.[3]

Daniel's ability "Necromancer"

Necromancer:[12] Daniel's ability is one that utilises shinsoo control using the living soul; it is a "living creature" that moves.[12] As such the shinsoo can move as if it were alive and can seemingly move independently of Daniel's actions.[12] To do this he forms a purple wiggling head-shaped orb that looks as if it has a screaming face trapped inside it. This ability makes Daniel similar to a soul hunter; the stronger the souls Daniel collects and consumes, the more powerful the abilities he can use.[13] While he seemingly consumes a lot of souls, he never gets it "fully filled".[14] It is strongly implied that he received this ability from Hoaqin.[7]

  • Shinsoo Blasts: By forming a sphere of purple-black Shinsoo, Daniel is able to fire a powerful blast of energy. So far he has been seen generating up to two impressively large spheres that he can fire into a single large blast.[3] The amount of people each blast is worth seems to be directly linked to how powerful the blasts are.
  • Shinsoo Absorption technique: By forming two decently sized purple-black spheres of Shinsoo, Daniel performed a strange Shinsoo absorbing power that allowed him to absorb the guardian's two spear-like blasts.[15] It was apparently worth "three people".
  • Self-Healing: Daniel was able to return the function of his disabled legs by infusing his legs with some of the souls he had stored.[16][14] While useful the skill seemed to cause Daniel pain trying to maintain it.[16] He can completely recover from injuries as long as he had enough souls, even from damage as serious as the one inflicted upon him by Baam.[14]


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