Crimson Soul Fist - Seal

Hayeol Style - Crimson Soul Fist (Seal)

Hayeol Style - Crimson Soul Fist (Crimson Bell Shock Seal) (Baam)

Hangul 적령권 - 봉쇄
Hanja 赤靈拳 - 封鎖
Romaja Jeongnyeong-gwon - Bongswae
English Crimson Soul Fist - Seal
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Classification Fighting Technique, Utility Technique
Usage Support
Parent Technique Hayeol Style
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 47
Known Users Novick
Twenty-Fifth Baam[1]

Crimson Soul Fist - Seal is a technique seemingly used to shield the user and repel and immobilise any targets that come into the technique's range.

The user gathers red-coloured Shinsoo between their hands and then slams their hand into the ground. Then, a red sphere expands from the place where they hit and pushes away enemies, seemingly leaving them unable to move whilst also sealing him from reach. The technique can be overpowered however.[2]

Alternate Translations

  • Red Spirit Punch - Blockade (LINE)
  • Red Prison Technique - Seal


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