Hangul 발화
Hanja 發火
Romaja Balhwa
English Lit. Ignition
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown (Hwayeomsa)
Classification Body Technique
Usage Support
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 135
Known Users Aka Williams[1]

Combustion is a shinsoo control technique that apparently gives the user the 'ultimate defence'.[1] By the user enclosing themselves with shinsoo that is at a deadly high temperature, the user can dispel all attacks from an opponent that attempt to strike them.[1]

Aka was able to stop and hold one of Mirotic's shinsoo spears while this technique was activated.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • The form and effects of this technique resembles something that a Hwayeomsa could produce. However it is unknown whether this is a Hwayeom technique or not.


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