2F - Last Examination (17)
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Naver (Korean) LINE (English)
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Season 1
Chapter 73
Korean Title 2F -최종시험- (17)
Release Date November 21, 2011
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Season 1, Chapter 72
Season 1, Chapter 74
2F - Last Examination (17): A flashback: once again Rachel has returned to Baam's cave by way of a rope through the barrier of light, the two are playing a game but Rachel says she needs to return soon, Baam asks if he can go up with her, however Rachel replies that only the chosen ones are allowed up there.

Back to the present Baam and Rachel wait for the quickly approaching end of the game; Baam reaffirms his intention to help Rachel climb and she responds by asking him about her motivation for climbing to see the stars, however Baam doesn't know. The two discuss their experiences within the Tower and Rachel expresses how sorry she is about what Baam has to go through because of her. Suddenly the Bull shows up; trying to hold off its powerful hit and run tactics, Baam manages to immobilise it with the shinsoo technique learned from Quant.



Blog Post

Hm.. Nothing much to write.
Dots were hard to draw?

Well now it is coming end to Season 1.
I thought I would feel happy after finishing it,
But now I am being torn.
This is hard..

My mind is getting complex feeling, yet I am holding on to pen and keep drawing.
It feels stupid… It also feels surprising..



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