2F - Last Examination (13)
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Season 1
Chapter 69
Korean Title 2F -최종시험- (13)
Release Date October 24, 2011
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Season 1, Chapter 68
Season 1, Chapter 70

2F - Last Examination (13):Yuri is here and she's been angered. As Ren tries to apologise, she starts to get violent...

Meanwhile, Laure saves Rak and Parakewl from the hordes of Thieves, and Koon's plan comes into action as the Dogs attack! Everything seems to be going well in the test, that is until several Rankers turn up...



Blog Post

The most important part of Test have been revealed, but it seems nothing important was shown.
But I liked going back to drawing Regulars.
Personally I like Regulars more than Yuri's gang.
I swore a lot as I drew the animals living in the area, though.

I guess everyone knows I started me2day...
Okay, I really meant to do it just for a day but too many people started it for me...
I can't stop... it's not my official me2, but I'll just say hello now and then.
Hmm... and I'll get the stat cards on Monday... that's today;;;;


  • Me2day is a South Korean social media made by Naver, similar to Facebook. Currently S.I.U no longer uses it.


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