2F - Last Examination (12)
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Season 1
Chapter 68
Korean Title 2F -최종시험- (12)
Release Date October 17, 2011
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Season 1, Chapter 67
Season 1, Chapter 69
2F- Last Examination (12): Anak stares up at Androssi with trepidation as her 'aunt' stands over her with the Green April; Androssi reminisces about Baam and his efforts to get her to sign the friendship pledge. Coming to a decision she conspires with Anak to take out Ren, however the difference between the Ranker and the two Regulars proves too great - as Ren prepares to kill Anak he is interrupted by the arrival of Yuri.



Blog Post

The lady has come.
She is very slow.
To speak a little about Ren's identity a bit, the 'Enforcement Division' is infamous even among the Zahard Family.
First, the enemy they face are all people who were 'once in the Zahard Family', so even they are all Zahards, they don't feel too good about them.
It's kinda like the feelings between the military police and an official.

So, the Enforcement Division has independent ranks and command hierarchy.
The only person the Enforcement Division serves is Zahard.
But it isn't like the division is loyal, or anything, because most of the members come in to fill their need for murder and battling.
There are a lot of difference in the individuals loyalty among the division.
The only thing they have in common is that they are all in awe of the power of Zahard.
The ones with the highest loyalty are the Royal Guards and the bodyguards.
There are some people who became psychos when the loyalty goes overboard.
I'll say more about that later in the other blog posts.

The comparison is like that, but the military police in the Zahard army is not the RED.