Korean Name 보로
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Position Fisherman[1]
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 114

Boro (보로, Boro) is a D-rank Fisherman and an experienced level Shinsoo Martial Artist who managed to hold onto his Express Ticket till now.[2] He has two Shinsoo Martial Arts apprentices in Hanool Kang and Felix. He seems to be interested in Jyu Viole Grace unaware that his current ally, Baam is the same person. He is currently on the 43rd Floor with Koon Aguero Agnis and company.


Boro had already boarded the Hell Express twice in the past.[3] On his first boarding of the Hell Express, Boro encountered FUG by getting on the same train as an unknown Slayer candidate and, thanks to him, Boro had suffered some horrible experiences:[4] little by little, the Slayer candidate killed everyone on the Hell Express until, in the end, there were only five survivors including Boro.[4] The other four were incredibly strong but one ended up dying and the rest forfeited the train.[4] During this previous experiences on the Hell Express, Aka Williams,[5] Daniel Hatchid,[6] Sachi and Roen Yuia were his teammates.[7]

Appearance and Personality

Boro has silver-coloured wavy hair, has a small scar on the bottom left side of his chin, wears a brownish black shirt with black pants and is fair skinned.

He is a level-headed and fairly modest guy. Due to his past experiences he is quite perceptive of the people he encounters.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Boro was conversing with his apprentices while they were sitting on the train to Train City when he suddenly noticed a blue-skinned Regular enter into their carriage, who he referred to as a "Ticket Hunter". After telling Hanool Kang to go elsewhere, he eventually engaged the blue-skinned Regular in combat and defeated him with one bisecting blow, killing the Regular. Afterwards, Boro noticed that the Regular had been using Emile prior to dying.
Just then Hanool came in saying that a strange Regular had appeared in the other carriage. Following Hanool into the carriage, Boro encountered Baam who asked if they had any Tickets as he was looking for teammates to enter the tournament. Boro asked Baam what he was talking about and Baam replied using Emile to show Boro the tournament that had been announced. Boro then asked why they should join Baam and he replied that if "they" weren't stopped, everyone aboard the Hell Express would die. Baam continued to explain why "they" needed to be stopped but Boro simply asked who "they" were only to find out that they were a group led by Baam's nemesis Rachel a new D-rank. Boro asked how a D-rank could conquer the train but was told that she was backed by FUG, which surprises him. Boro then agreed to join Baam in exchange for picking the team members; he picked Hanool and the train stewardess and they went back to the previous carriage to retrieve their Tickets. Upon reaching they saw two Regulars standing over Felix's unconscious body; Boro then told Hanool to go and retrieve the Tickets to prove he was worthy to be a Ticket Holder but is embarrassed by how weak he was when he started getting beaten up. Boro asked if it would be alright with teammates as weak as that but Baam replied it would be fine as he would take the FUG Regulars and the other Regulars were for Boro to deal with.

Eventually, Felix awakened and asked what was going on with Boro filling her in before telling her she can't come with them due to her injuries, to which she agreed with. The train stewardess commented on this and Boro made fun of her statement causing the stewardess to introduce herself as Hana Yu before detailing her dreams, which Boro put a downer on. The train then arrived at Train City and the group encountered an elevator showing various floors. As they decided which floor to go to, someone suggested the 1F Entrance floor but Boro refused saying an incredible guardian resided there, after which he pressed the button to go to the 2F Residence floor.
They ride the slow elevator upwards and Boro asked Baam whether his friends might have gone to the Entrance floor but he replied that they wouldn't have gone the wrong way, sparking Boro's suspicion. Boro and Baam then discussed Baam's history with FUG and the former asked why the latter would want to bring things up with them, with the latter replying that he had things to finish with them. Eventually they reached the Residence floor and, after seeing so many Regulars waiting around, Boro explained that they were waiting to steal Tickets and enter rooms. Just then a Regular appeared trying to scout them for "Sir Aka" but Boro intervened telling him to stop bothering his teammates. The guy, recognising Boro, politely left. The group then heads to Baam's room but are attacked by a group of Regulars with Baam instantly dispatching them, surprising everyone. Boro noted that the martial arts used looked familiar when Baam's allies come out to greet him.

Inside the room Boro muttered about the residence causing Hwa Ryun to ask him if he had boarded the Hell Express before, which he confirmed that it would be his third time. He then asked Hwa Ryun if she was the one with FUG as he had many questions but she replied that he would have to ask them later as a game was about to begin. After "The Last Seven" game is explained and the Regulars in the residential area begin fighting, Boro wondered what was happening before accusingly asking Hwa Ryun who she was with her coolly replying that she was from FUG and was a Guide. She then explained that the carnage was due to FUG wanting something that was on the train, causing Boro to wonder if they were doing "that thing" again, and finished by saying that FUG would do anything to achieve their goals. Boro then asked if she knew the enemies they would be facing and she replied that she didn't know all of them but some were new D-rank Regulars. Suddenly Ha Yura arrived and both quelled the fighting and ended the game with her presence and offer, which greatly impressed Hana Yu. Boro chewed her out and told her that there were no friends on the Hell Express before then telling Hwa Ryun that they should start talking since the game was now over. Hwa Ryun asked about his previous encounter with FUG and Boro explained his history involving a Slayer candidate leaving something on the train. He finished by saying that although he can't remember much of the experience he was sure the Slayer candidate would return to reclaim what he left.

On the day of the tournament, with Baam's team drawn against Yura's team, Boro shared his dislike of the game but nevertheless he and Hwa Ryun talked tactics and strategy with the rest of their team, with Hwa Ryun highlighting that the deciding factor would be Ha Yura's strength.
After stepping on to the field of play, Boro in the position of keeper, the "Crazy Yellow Ball" game is set up. Boro mused that the rules seemed advantageous for their team but noted that Baam was acting weird after meeting Yura and also wondered what Yura was planning considering her formation with her limited number of Tickets. The game finally got underway with Baam's team taking the lead. While the Regulars watching were impressed with Baam's skills, Boro and Rak wondered why he had a blank look on his face. On the next round of the game, Boro watched in surprise as Yura overcame Baam's reverse-flow control and wondered what was going on when Baam lost one of his Tickets to the girl. Boro continued to watch the developing game until Baam finally defeated Yura by separating her from her special suitcase.
When Ha Yura suddenly vanished and the truth of the tournament being a trap set so that Yura's allies could steal the Hell Express, the Regulars present on the field of play grouped together to make sense of the situation. After some minor confrontation, Boro quickly led the decision to work together to stop the train from being stolen, which everyone present agreed with. Aka then revealed that there was an unnavigable maze-like emergency exit they could use to catch Yura and, fortunately, Hwa Ryun appeared telling them all that she would guide them through it.

After splitting the Regulars into two teams, one to stay behind to keep the tournament running smoothly and the other to catch Yura and her allies, Boro went with the latter team alongside Aka, Baam, Moontari and Ran as they were led through the maze-like emergency exit by Hwa Ryun. As they are travelling Baam asked Boro what his relationship with Aka was and he answered, with Aka rebuking his answer immediately afterwards. The group soon made it out the maze but with the problem of the elevator being broken, they were left stuck. However, after some smart thinking from Baam, they use the elevator's pathway to make it down to the Entrance floor and, after Aka smashed the door to the Entrance area down, they encountered Ha Yura and her teammate. Giving chase to her across the chasm, Yura suddenly switched Mirotic back on, with the guardian immediately launching an engulfing blast at the Regulars, allowing Yura to escape. Baam immediately gave chase, using Hwa Ryun's guiding power to get past Mirotic, with Boro following behind them after Aka threw him across the chasm. He caught up to the two and soon engaged Hong Danhwa enabling Baam and Hwa Ryun to go after Ha Yura. Boro was initially on the back foot but, after getting used to the movements of Danhwa's sword, he quickly gained the advantage and went on to impale Danhwa with his needle.

With Danhwa incapacitated, Boro asked him why he chose to help Yura, prompting a reply regarding the Hell Train. Boro brushed off the claim, saying that the train only ran through hell. Boro then caught up to Baam and was shocked to see Daniel facing him. A confused Boro exclaimed that he couldn't be here and Daniel replied that he went to hell and returned to see "her" before running away. Baam and Boro started chasing him with the former asking the latter how he knew Daniel. Boro explained that Daniel was once his comrade that got on the train with him; however over two hundred years ago Daniel got on the train again and died. Boro wondered what was going on as well as what Daniel was planning.
Eventually Baam and Boro caught up to Daniel and Angel, with Baam briefly battling Angel's Metalfish. Just then Baam's old teammates arrived along with with Aka and Moontari. Aka then shouted at Daniel, asking the same question that Boro had asked him earlier. Daniel called it a disaster for having to see Aka and Boro again but Aka shouted that he died centuries ago trying to resurrect Roen, which Daniel then casually confirms before revealing he found a way to do so. Boro called it impossible but Daniel told them that he would bring back "that guy" and ask him to resurrect Roen. Daniel ends by calling Boro, Aka and Sachi useless before destroying the stairs leading to the platform.

Boro wondered how they were all going to get to the platform now that the stairs were destroyed but Beta arrived and told them all that he would fly up. Later on, he travels up with Beta and Ran as the former flies up to the platform using his partial ignition.


Boro appeared with Hong Danhwa and Hanool Kang on the 37th Floor. Danhwa asked him if the story he told them was true, with Hanool piping up too, and Boro replied that Hoaqin was the epitome of 'evil' before then revealing the events that happened 600 years ago on his first time on the Hell Express.

Wooden Horse

During the day, Boro and company finally arrived at the Wooden Horse station and soon entered inside. At 10:30PM, with just thirty minutes for the Hell Train to arrive at the station, Boro discussed with Koon, via Pocket, if his party would arrive on time to catch up with the train. At the end of the conversation, Aka arrived along with an old partner that stated the train had arrived at the Wooden Horse.

At the 'Altar' Boro, Aka and Sachi witnessed Hoaqin coming out of the train with Boro noting that he looked smaller than last time. Boro then watched in dismay as Hoaqin effortlessly decimated a large amount of the Regulars at the station.

Later, with only 10 minutes left to board the train, Boro and company raced towards the stairs of the train but caught the attention of Hoaqin on the way. With freak lightning interrupting Hoaqin's assault, Baam, Koon and Rak swiftly arrived on the stairs leading into the train. A brief scuffle broke out between the two sides but it was interrupted when they were all teleported to the train conductor's office. He introduced himself and then informed them about a game that would decide who would become the Slayer candidate in a month's time. At that, he teleported them away to different locations in the train.

A Month

Their group immediately encountered the guardian Yokim and they planned on taking him down until Hwa Ryun suggested that from that point onwards, Baam was to take all tests by himself in order to prepare for challenging Hoaqin. Boro then watched as Baam took on Yokim and discussed with Sachi about Baam's lack of killing intent; Baam eventually defeated Yokim and they passed the stage.

During their traversing of the train's pathways, the group eventually encountered the "god" of guardians. Boro and Sachi suggested turning back due to the guardian's fearsome reputation and power, but Baam adamantly decided to stay and challenge the "god" of guardians. At that, the guardian snatched Baam up and took him away. Boro and the others then waited for three weeks for Baam to return.

Eventually Baam hurriedly returned and the group narrowly made it to the 4th stage in time.

The Dallar Show

Boro and the others listened to the rules of the Dallar Show and then watched as Koon coolly won the first round. During the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", Boro was partnered with Aka and Sachi.

Yuri Jahad

Boro, like everyone else, is shocked to see Yuri on board the Train. After a break, he is seen helping others to pass the substitute test.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

To be added.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the fact that Boro has managed to retain his Express Ticket for an unspecified amount of time shows that he is no pushover. Boro was able to easily take down a Regular who had managed to kill two previous Ticket holders, further supporting his high level of strength.[8] Boro possesses a blue needle, that he seems proficient with, as well as an Arms Inventory.[8]

Fluid Martial Arts: Boro uses a form of martial arts that allows him to read the movements and characteristics of a weapon and then disrupt it with shinsoo.[9] As long as Boro can the read the movements of a weapon he can easily dodge, avert and bypass its strikes, even if the weapon is something as powerful as an Ignition Weapon. According to SIU, Boro's speciality is going against armed people; when his opponents are holding any kind of weapons, it is actually an advantage to him. This is bad news for characters who depend on strong weapons, like Hatsu and Hong Danhwa. On the other hand, people who rely on their body or Shinsoo, like Ran, are tough for Boro. Of course, you can’t say who is going to win until they fight, but these things can make one better at guessing.[10]


  • (To Hong Danhwa) "I'm sorry, but weapons are just "elementally weak" against me. It's over Mr. President of a fanboy club!"[9]