Bong Bong

Bong Bong is an item created by the Workshop as a reward for shooting it in the One Shot, One Opportunity game. Androssi Zahard obtained the item after shooting it at the end of the game after capturing the Traveller.



Androssi preparing to teleport using Bon Bon

This pink fairy can teleport its user and those around it to another place. Its teleportation is only limited by distance and weight and is quite free overall.[1]However depending on a Lighthouse's capabilities, the destination of a teleport can be predicted or sealed.[1] In addition, on higher Floors, Bong Bong's teleportation range is reduced accordingly by the increasing Shinsoo pressure.[2]

Bong Bong - 10 Percent Output: Androssi is able to charge one of her feet with Bong Bong in order to unleash a powerful attack.[3]

201 - 11

Bong Bong 10% Output

Bong Bong 40 Percent - Seperate Movement: Androssi is abtle to charge a seperate object with Bong Bong in order to amplify its speed and force.[4]



Notes and Trivia

According to SIU, Androssi + Bong Bong among Regulars is practically OP.... [5]


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