Black Fish
Black Fish Quant
Hangul 흑린
Romaja Heuk-rin
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Classification Utility Technique, Body Technique
Usage Support
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 37
Known Users Quant Blitz

Black Fish[1] is a Shinsoo technique that Scouts use to block out the light of a Lighthouse. This allows the Scout to become "invisible" which is suitable for Scouts as they like darkness.[1][2] This is used to both hinder the attack of Fishermen and Spear Bearers.

Of course, Light Bearers can use reverse techniques to counteract the blocking spell.

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU has a notable love for aquatic life, the name of this technique being one of many examples.
  • Black Fish's Korean name, "Heuk-rin", means that like a waving black feather, it blocks out the light.


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