Bero Bero

Bero Bero

Korean Name 베로 베로
Status Active
Location Hell Express
Position Fisherman
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 128

Bero Bero (베로 베로, Belo Belo) is a D-rank Regular and Fisherman who participated in the tournament at Train City; she is apparently the leader of her team. Bero Bero is currently on the Hell Express travelling with Wangnan and Rak and is now part of Viole's team as a result of the Dallar Show game.

Appearance and Personality

Bero Bero is a portly woman with dark brown hair, eyes that always seem to be closed and rosy red cheeks. She wears a yellow buttoned dress with white flower patterns on them and has a green lizard-like tail that pokes out from the back of it. Bero Bero has regularly been seen with sweets on her person.

Bero is a generally amiable person with a slight oblivious streak. She appears to value the lives of her teammates very highly as she could think of nothing but revenge after Buelsar Elliot killed Tochi. Bero Bero says she finds it uncomfortable to eat in front of thin girls.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

She was the leader of one the teams of the tournament happening at Train City and became interested in Baam after his display in the tournament.

Her team later managed to get to the finals of the tournament (after certain other teams forfeited) and she and Juglom Gote trash talked each other throughout. Her team eventually managed to win the tournament.

Wooden Horse

Bero Bero and her teammates were at the Wooden Horse station when the Hell Train arrived and also watched in amazement when a strange white person decimated a multitude of D-rank Regulars.

Later, 10 minutes before the train departed, she and her team rushed towards the train in an attempt to board. However lightning began to rain down from somewhere before another set of Regulars arrived. At that, the Regulars began brawling on the stairs into the train but were interrupted when everyone at the station was teleported into the Hell Train. Bero accused Rak of having something to do with being on the train but he angrily retorted his ignorance. Cherry La then informed Bero that someone strong was coming.

A Month

Encountering Angel and Mad Dog, Rak, Bero Bero and her team began fighting with the two until they were told to stop by Vicente who had just arrived. Vicente threatened their aggressors until Hoaqin arrived. The two whiteys chattered until Hoaqin's side began attacking. Bero didn't know which side to fight with until the Mad Dog killed Tochi. Ja Wangnan then sealed Vicente and they all fled before Hoaqin and his allies could reach them.

A few days later, Bero asked Wangnan what the situation was going on in the train but before she could get an answer, Vicente struck Wangnan a deal. Later still, Vicente helped them pass the various stages inside the train. Bero was present when Daniel offered a deal to Vicente.

Bero Bero and the rest of their group then arrived at the 4th stage in time for the game to begin.

The Dallar Show

With the 4th stage test Dallar Show being explained, Bero Bero was picked to participate in the first round game, "Catching the sweetfish", alongside Koon Aguero Agnis. Despite the aim of the game being to catch the sweetfish, Bero instead chose to attack the Mad Dog in revenge for him killing Tochi. However, by the time the round ended with her side victorious, she found herself worn out while her opponent looked no worse for wear.

In the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", she was partnered with Yeon Yihwa and Pompidou and complained about eating in front of Yihwa who was thin. As they entered a weird part of the pipes and were sent bouncing around it at high speed, they encountered Angel. Yihwa battled her and Hongjo was killed in the process, horrifying Bero. Eventually, Yihwa lost herself to her own great power and defeated Angel, but Bero forcefully calmed her down before Viole saved them from falling to their deaths. They all then travelled to the core where the final round could begin.

Bero Bero then watched as Viole and Hoaqin faced off in the final round of the Dallar Show. With Viole eventually coming out victorious and the arena being submerged in boiling acid, Bero and the group escaped thanks to the arrival of Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok.

Yuri Jahad

Bero Bero helped the rest of the group in clearing the 39th Floor stage test of the train.

The The 'Name Hunt' Station

Bero Bero stayed behind on the train while the other Regulars went to the Name Hunt station to claim Kaiser's name.

Powers and Abilities

ToG173 - 05

Bero Bero 80% sugar charged!

Bero Bero can assumed to be powerful as she is a D-rank Regular. She appears to be physically imposing.[1] Bero Bero is a close-range combatant who appears to fight in a style akin to bare-knuckle brawling.[2] Evan noted that while she is strong, she has no outstanding qualities about her.[3] Bero Bero has also been noted to possess an Ignition Weapon, although what it is yet unknown what type of weapon it is.[3]

Sugar Charging: Bero Bero seems to rely heavily on sugar to power herself and must replenish her sugar stores when she overexerts herself. At 80% sugar charged her power visibly increases; she was able to throw a flurry of powerful punches in this state.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • She seems to enjoy eating sweets.


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