Arlen Grace

Arlene Grace

Korean Name 아를렌 그레이스
Status Unknown
Affiliations Irregular

Arlen Grace (아를렌 그레이스, Aleullen Geuraeiseu) is one of the hidden Irregulars who came to the Tower with Zahard and his 10 Great Warriors.[1]


Originally, there were twelve warriors who accompanied Zahard during his climb of the Tower, and Arlen was one of them. As she climbed the Tower, she fell in love with another hidden Irregular, V, and began a relationship with him once they had confirmed their love for each other.[1]

At the end of the great journey, Zahard announced that he would stop climbing the Tower and become King. However, V and Arlen, who wanted to keep climbing the Tower, began to criticise Zahard's decision as they believed that Zahard was blinded by falsehoods. Despite their protest, Zahard became the King by making a deal with the Guardians.[1]

Soon after that, Arlen refused Zahard's marriage proposal and ran away with V. The two of them then formed an organisation to oppose Zahard with the main goal of liberating the Key in his possession. This erupted into a civil war among the former companions, where the 10 Great Warriors sided with Zahard. Arlen and V ultimately lost the war, which forced them into hiding as fugitives. At some point, Arlen Grace had a child (Heavily implied to be with V). Unable to bear the fact that his unrequited love had birthed a child with another man, Zahard found them and murdered the child in front of Arlen.[1]

Because of the trauma of that incident, along with the grief over losing her child, Arlen attempted suicide multiple times. But she was already incapable of dying due to the immortality contract. Depressed overseeing his wife in such a state, V, who didn't have an immortality contract like the rest of Zahard's companions, eventually took his own life in order to "save" Arlen from her continued suffering, with hopes that she could return to their former companions if he was no more. Before dying, he wrote a note telling her to forget everything and to go back to their companions in hopes she could find some semblance of normality. Instead, Arlen preserved her child using a mysterious spell and wandered for some time, in search of a way out of the Tower. She eventually found one.[1]

She offered her child to the God outside of the Tower with hopes that the God's power would return the child to life. She further prophesied that the child would return to the Tower, obtain the Thorn that would be left behind by the God's messenger, take revenge on those who caused her suffering, and ultimately lead the people of the Tower to greater heights.[1] It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.

Appearance and Personality

While not much is known about her personality at the present, Po Bidau Gustang mentioned that she got along with everyone, which complemented his more aloof nature.

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Powers and Abilities

It is said that she had the ability to use mysterious spells. One of the spells she used was able to preserve the body of her child for a very long time.[1] She also appeared to be knowledgeable in manipulating spirits as seen with her former possession of the Bell of Dawn.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is strongly believed that the Twenty-Fifth Baam is Arlen's child. These remarks are supported by Gustang's comments as well as Garam's observations from Arlen's diary.
  • While she shares the same surname as Grace Mirchea Luslec, it is unknown if they are related.
  • Despite the efforts of Zahard and the 10 Family Heads to eliminate all traces of Arlen and V, several objects remained during the events of Tower of God. The remnants of a giant statue called The Hand of Arlen and Arlen's personal Pocket, which contains her diary, are a few items that managed to survive over time. The statue was later destroyed while the pocket was stolen from the Zahard Family by Garam Zahard and was later given to Baam.

Alternate Translations

  • Arlene Grace (LINE)


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