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Arie Hon

Arie Hon back

Korean Name 아리에 혼
Sobriquet White Sword, White Oar
Location 100F
Position Fisherman
Family Arie Family
Affiliations 10 Great Warriors
High Rankers
Ranking 5
Height 187cm[1]
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 194
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 194

Arie Hon (아리에 혼, Ahrieh Hon, "Arie Hon") is a High Ranker, currently 5th in ranking. He is also the head of the Arie Family. He is regarded the strongest of the 10 Family Heads, and, excluding Zahard and the top Irregulars, is the strongest High Ranker of the Tower.


One of the 10 Great Warriors who has pioneered the Tower alongside King Zahard, it is said that before entering the Tower, he challenged Zahard 10 times and lost 10 times; thus he became Zahard's servant.[2]

Arie Hon is known for giving special tests on his Floor and at some point after entering, Urek Mazino challenged the test. Urek Mazino's task was to endure his attacks for 10 minutes, but Urek Mazino fought evenly thus becoming the first person to ever successfully pass Arie Hon's special test.[1] Urek Mazino became the most famous Ranker in the Tower thanks to this opportunity. The reward from the Family Head was the transfer of control over one of the Floors in Hon's possession.[1]

The last person to pass the special test was his daughter, Arie Hagipherione Zahard, and the reward is still unknown. The rumour says it was a 'very personal and childish reward'.[1]


Arie Hon is the owner of the White Oar, the only sword made by Macseth. White Oar is known as the only S+ rank weapon inside the Tower.[1] Warriors in the Tower say the well-edged weapon is 'like an oarfish' because of this. Macseth hasn't produced another weapon after the creation of the White Oar. The name of the sword is from Oarfish, a legendary White Steel Eel.[1]

Appearance and Personality


Arie Hon is a fairly tall looking man with notably pale skin and long white hair that flows down his back and also covers the upper half of his face. On his right hip hangs his sheathed sword.

Arie Hon is known to be very temperate and elegant normally. He is also well mannered, even in a fight.[1]

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Arie Hon stays at the 100th Floor of the Tower as the head of Arie Family, and his territory is the largest of the 10 Great Families. He is famous for giving special tests to the Regulars with an extraordinary reward, but the level of difficulty is so high that most of the Regulars don't dare take them. To date, only two people are known to have passed his test.

He and Koon Eduan are said to be quite close to each other.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Arie Hon is renowned as the strongest of the 10 Great Warriors. He is an outstanding swordsman, who has no problem wielding a sword even in high densities of shinsoo due to his mysterious style of swordsmanship that is said to be impossible to describe in words.[1][2] He wields the White Oar, the only S+ rank weapon in the Tower. After Urek Mazino took on his special test the fought for 10 minutes and, despite fighting evenly, afterwards Arie Hon is known to have said "Urek Mazino is much better"; he has not fought anyone after fighting Urek.[1]

Notes and Trivia


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