Arie Hagipherione Zahard
Korean Name 아리에 하기페리온느 자하드
Family Zahard Family
Arie Family
Affiliations High Rankers
Zahard's Princesses
Ranking 36[1]

Arie Hagipherione Zahard (아리에 하기페리온느 자하드, Ahrieh Hahgipehrionneu Jahad, "Arie Hagipherione Zahard") is a Princess of Zahard and member of the Arie Family. Hagipherione is a High Ranker, an excelling Princess and possesses the Red October.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is one of only two people to have passed Arie Hon's special test on the 100th Floor. Her reward was said to be 'very personal and childish'.[2] The other person to pass this test is Urek Mazino.
  • It is speculated that she is likely the one who defeated the FUG slayer White and thus precipitated his "exile" inside the Hell Express, since White was defeated by a "member from the same family", as according to zumisumi's translation of chapter 188.


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    Translated version


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