Androssi Zahard

Endorsi name

Androssi pt1

Korean Name 엔도르시 자하드
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Position Fisherman
Family Zahard Family
Affiliations Zahard's Princesses
Ship's Team
Age 300~
Height 167 cm
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 13


Rachel: Androssi teamed up with Rachel and Akryung in the first test and killed the other 197 contestants together. At one point, she told Anak that it felt like Rachel "comes from a different world than they do" and that was the reason she didn't kill her along with the others. After finding out from Rak that Rachel betrayed Baam to FUG, Androssi now considers her a traitor.


Androssi kissing Baam

Twenty-Fifth Baam: She was initially indifferent about Baam until they talked to each other and she went on Hatsu's friend list. In her own way, she cared about Baam by helping him out in tight situations. She was somewhat influenced by Baam's thoughts and beliefs and began to develop feelings for him. For the time they were in the Second Floor together, she took on the role of being his coach in hand-to-hand combat. During this time, he taught her the meaning of loneliness and this later plays a key part in her decision to spare Anak's life. When Yuri asks whether Baam would survive the last examination, Androssi states that Baam would definitely survive because it would be too unfair for him to miss the chance of going on a date with her.[1] She was severely depressed when she learned of Baam's 'death' and has become quite self-centered since it happened. She suspected Baam was alive after she captured the Traveller and he told her that the person she was looking for wasn't Jyu Viole Grace because he had told him his name was Twenty-Fifth Baam. After finding out about the feelings the Traveller had for Emile and his quest to save her, she said "I'm sorry but right now, I have no time to think about someone else's love life". Then, she became more convinced when Anak told her that Jyu Viole Grace had the same eyes as Baam. During the Workshop Battle's party, Androssi in a disguise, used Emile to try and find Baam's location but eventually sneaked into his team's living quarters. After a brief confrontation with Rak, she tailed a fleeing Viole, whose true identity was revealed to be Baam. This revelation was interrupted by Reflejo's shouts in the distance, leading to Androssi fleeing while carrying a discontent Rak, though not before sharing a brief silent moment with Viole and telling him to hurry up before he loses the opportunity to date her. She then blushed while running away and thinking to herself that Baam hadn't changed. During her date with Baam she is unsure about her feelings towards him but soon realises what he means to her and she takes him to a private location where she kisses him on the cheek while saying it's a memory of her for him so he does not forget her.

Anak Zahard: Androssi and Anak Zahard have a sort-of sibling rivalry with each other and they usually fight with each other at any opportunity. During the Hide-and-Seek test, she reveals to Baam that she really wants to go up with Anak and hints that her strategy of eliminating the Fishermen was intended to help Anak as much as herself. During the last examination after thinking back on Baam's words, instead of following Ren's orders to kill Anak, she decided to team up with her to fight Ren after suggesting that they share a meal (which Anak would have to pay for).

Koon Aguero Agnis: She doesn't think much of Koon but they seem to be on good terms with each other. They have often worked together and individually in order to help Baam pass the tests.

Ship Leesoo: Androssi is currently in a team consisting of the passing Regulars from the Floor of Tests under the leadership of Ship Leesoo. She still bossily orders him around though.[2]


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