Anak Zahard

Anak Zahard (hell train)


Anak sitting in the throne

Korean Name 아낙 자하드
Status Active
Location 39th Floor
Position Fisherman
Affiliations Regulars
Ship's Team
Zahard's Princesses
Age 300~[citation needed]
Height 154 cm
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 6


Androssi Zahard: Anak regards Androssi as a rival, because she is a Princess. She does communicate with Androssi occasionally, but seems mostly hostile to her. Androssi seems to support the idea of Anak climbing the Tower. After Androssi showed that she was willing to defend Anak against Ren, they seem to be more tolerant of each other. There is a running gag between the two involving their aunt and niece relationship, which is made all the more humorous by the fact that Anak is actually older than her "aunt" Androssi. However, Androssi has taken the more "supervising older sibling" role, with higher status, strength and authority in The Tower.

Hatsu: The two met in the first part of the Floor of Tests and fought each other. They readily put aside their differences when they had to find people to team up with. Even when they were a team, Hatsu seemed to dislike Anak's selfish attitude and dissociated himself from her after the teams disbanded. They are mildly antagonistic towards each other but are able to work together.

Ship Leesoo: Anak tolerates his silly and somewhat annoying behaviour. After she got the Black March, she went to him for help because she thought he might qualify as a "handsome man" (she then immediately denied it as a bad joke). When she was injured, he brought her food, although this was also to get her to sign her name on his friendship list. He can convince her to listen to him after much begging and pleading, like during the Hide and Seek test. She was rather jealous when he was drooling over Androssi (fighting the Bull) though, which might indicate some sort of attraction to him. She knows some of his past and it partially explains her climbing the Tower with him.[1]

Twenty-Fifth Baam: Anak appears to be mostly indifferent to Baam. The only time she has shown interest was when he was in possession of the Black March, though the interest was never directed at him. This may have changed after she found out that he was an Irregular, as she was more willing to help him in the Submerged Fish Hunt, but it may have also been because she disliked Koon's apparent attitude.

Everyone else: Anak seems to care little for anyone else and will hardly talk to them.


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