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Anak Zahard

Anak Zahard (hell train)


Anak sitting in the throne

Korean Name 아낙 자하드
Status Active
Location 39th Floor
Position Fisherman
Affiliations Regulars
Ship's Team
Zahard's Princesses
Age 300~[citation needed]
Height 154 cm
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 6
Every time I see that Zahard's crest attached to your head I get the urge to crush you into a thousand pieces!!!

—Anak to Androssi Zahard

Anak Zahard Jr. (아낙 자하드 Jr., Ahnahk Jahhahd Junior; or "Anak Jahad Jr.") is one of Zahard's Princesses. She is only a demi-Princess though (meaning half of her lineage is Zahard's blood) and she also at a point possessed two of the 13 Month Series, something few Princesses have done. It is revealed that she is, in fact, the daughter of the real Anak Zahard who was impregnated by her lover and ran into hiding.[1] She is climbing the Tower for revenge. She is currently on the 39th Floor trying to obtain the name of the Kaiser at the Name Hunt Station.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Due to her childhood situation, she was filled with resolve to climb the Tower and entered for revenge.[1][2] This would be against Zahard and his family, for persecuting her mother.
  • Also, according to SIU, Anak was one of the characters who appeared in the original Black and White version of ToG. However, she was human then.[3]
  • Whilst still an E-rank Regular, she was considered as being one of the top 5 strongest Regulars.
  • Anak means "child" in Indonesian and Malaysian, so Anak Zahard means "Child of Zahard".
  • After forming part of Leesoo's team, she gained some fame as she climbed the Tower with them.


  • (To Ship Leesoo) "Hmm... I thought you were a pretty handsome man... guess I was wrong."[4]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Ghosty Eyeballs... you... I'm gonna kill you if you order something expensive."[5]
  • (To Koon Ran during the Plug Event) "I don't run away-- not because I am arrogant, but because I 'can't'."[6]
  • (To Koon Ran during the Plug event) "What are you surprised about? Come and finish me. Don't tell me that your scared to go against me when I'm in this state?"[6]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean Pronunciation) Ah-nahk Jah-hah-deu
  • (SIU) Anak Jahad
  • (Line Webtoon) Anaak Jahad[7]



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