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Anak Zahard

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Korean Name 아낙 자하드
Status Active
Location 30F
Position Fisherman
Affiliations Ship's Team

Zahard's Princesses

Age 300~
Height 154 cm
First Appearance Vol.1, Chapter 06
"Everytime I see that Zahard's crest attached to your head I get the urge to crush you into a thousand pieces!!!"
- Anak to Androssi Zahard

Anak Zahard Jr. (아낙 자하드 Jr., Ahnahk Jahhahd Junior; or "Anak Jahad Jr.") is one of Zahard's Princesses. She is only a demi-Princess though (meaning half of her lineage is Zahard's blood) and she also at a point possessed two of the 13 Month Series, something few Princesses have done. She is currently on the 30th Floor of the Tower. It is revealed that she is in fact the daughter of the real Anak Zahard who was impregnated by her lover and ran into hiding.[1] Her motive for climbing the Tower is for revenge.


Anak had a difficult childhood, as her mother was an exiled Princess and her parents fought regularly. Her mother cared for her though and, due to her situation, she was filled with resolve to climb the Tower. Her mother was killed by Ren and her father was killed by an unnamed Zahard's Princess. After that, she spent most of her life on the 43rd Floor, along with Garam Zahard. She has only shared this with Androssi.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Anak entered the Tower for revenge.[2] This would be against Zahard and his family, for persecuting her mother.
  • Also, according to SIU, Anak was one of the characters who appeared in the original Black and White version of TOG. However, she was human then.[3]
  • She is one of the Top 5 E-Rank Regulars (on the 30th Floor).
  • Anak is Indonesian for "child", so Anak Zahard means "Child of Zahard".


  • (To Ship Leesoo) "Hmm... I thought you were a pretty handsome man... guess I was wrong."
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Ghosty Eyeballs... you... I'm gonna kill you if you order something expensive."
  • (To Koon Ran during the Plug Event) "I don't run away-- not because I am arrogant, but because I 'can't'."

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean Pronunciation) Ah-nahk Jah-hah-deu
  • (SIU) Anak Jahad


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