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Adori Zahard
Korean Name 아도리 자하드
Sobriquet Killer Whale
Status Active
Position Fisherman
Family Zahard Family
Affiliations High Rankers
Zahard's Princesses
Royal Guard Captain
Ranking 7
Age 5000+[1]
Birthplace 132F[1]
Height 184cm

Adori Zahard (아도리 자하드, Ahdoree Jahad, Adoree Jahad) is currently the strongest active Princess in the Tower and the captain of Zahard's Royal Guards.[1]

She wields the only S-rank weapon of the 13 Month Series, the Golden November.[1]


Although ranked highly, she has no noticeable achievements as a Ranker.[1] Even though she is the captain of Zahard's Royal Guards, since she does not like wandering around, she rarely participates in active duty.[1]

Appearance and Personality

She has a multitude of both male and female fans due to her golden hair and beautiful face.[1]

Adori Zahard is known to be very quiet and cool-headed. Because she has little care for worldly matters, she often lies down alone and gets lost in her own fantasies.[1] However, as there are many secrets to her private life, no one really knows the true Adori. But it is widely known to any of her fans that she will allow a person she likes to call her by her birth name.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Even before she became a Ranker, she quite easily defeated a high-level Ranker.[1] The records even show that before the Enne Zahard incident, Garam and Adori fought once; it hadn't been 100 years since Adori had become a Ranker, yet she was able to overwhelm Garam.[1] Since then, in the few battles she’s had against Rankers, she defeated all of them with overwhelming combat prowess.[1]

Her sobriquet "Killer Whale" (범고래, beom go rae, "Killer Whale") is named after the strongest Shinheuh in the Tower. Many people have compared her to Enne Zahard, but no-one could easily determine who is the stronger of the two. The debate still rages on today and is a favoured topic of discussion amongst Rankers.[1] She is tied with Eurasia Enne Zahard for the 7th Ranking in The Tower. She is also tied with Eurasia Enne Zahard for the strongest non-Irregular in the Tower.

It is said Adori also uses a Carrier which allows a Fisherman to fill any position.[2] A Carrier is a combination of a Pocket, a Lighthouse and a Pipe.

Notes and Trivia

  • Koon states he would be surprised if Baam went off a date with Adori.[3]

Alternative Translations

  • Midori Jahad (LINE Webtoon)[3]


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