"God" of guardians

A0 - god of guardians

Status Active
Location Hell Express
Affiliations Hell Express
Train guardians
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 169

Known by Ticket Holders as the "god" of guardians (가디언들의 "신", gadieondeul-ui "shin"),[1] this guardian is treated like a god by the other guardians. The "guardians" are a kind of system that protects the Hell Express and are like "administrators" who prevent Regulars from doing undesired actions.[2] No other guardian approaches his area and he treats them like his henchmen.[1]


The "god" of guardians has existed even when Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors first got on the Hell Express.[1] A long time ago, the "god" of guardians trained Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors in the place called 'Rice Pot'.[1] He specifically helped Zahard to become more powerful after the later told him his wish to become the King of the Tower.[3]

Appearance and Personality

The "god" of guardians is extremely large and towers over normal-sized people like Baam. He has long flowing blonde hair, yellow eyes and is noticeably quite muscular. He wears a red and black attire that is reminiscent of the Norse gods and includes dark pauldrons, a long red cape and metal bands around his forearms. Connected to the metal band on his right arm is a shackle that is linked to a large metal weight.

The "god" of guardians appears to be very direct in its demeanour and seems to take pride in its role towards bestowing "Revolution" upon Irregulars. He also has a level of humility as he could acknowledge that Urek was definitely much stronger than himself.

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Powers and Abilities

He has been described as extremely powerful and, apart from Urek Mazino and most likely Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors, no D-rank Regulars have ever been able to defeat him.[1] Baam mentioned that he felt a tremendous power similar to Urek coming from the guardian, although Urek felt much greater.[1] When he sparred with Baam, he showed skill and strength wielding the heavy weight chained to his left wrist when deflecting Baam's attacks.[4]

The "god" of guardians and the 'Rice Pot' inside the Hell Express exist to give "Revolution" to those that open the door themselves, i.e. he help them find their true self that is unrelated to society, ideologies and others.[1] He can also train them, for instance teaching them shinsoo manipulation and body reinforcement techniques.[3][5]

Irregular Sense: He seems to be able to discern the Irregular status of certain people as he noticed that Twenty-Fifth Baam was one that "opened the door himself to come in".[1]

Size Shifting: He is able to freely adjust the size of his body depending on the size of his opponent.[3]

Shinsoo Black-Hole Sphere (신원류, Shinwonryu):[4] A special shinsoo control skill only usable by the "god" of guardians and Irregulars. As the one who teaches the control skill to others, the "god" of guardians has great skill and control in its usage. Despite his mastery over the shinsoo control skill, the "god" of guardians can only use the skill while on board the Hell Express.[5]

Notes and Trivia

  • While it may just be a drawing error, the "god" of guardians appears to be able to freely shift his size. This was confirmed as one of his abilities.[3]
  • SIU further confirmed that the "god" of guardians is a creation of the Workshop.[6][7]